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Gallop and Facility Hire

Click above to get the w3w location of Higgins Entrance

Higgins 900 Metres

Is a 900 metre “Softrack” surface which is a specially formulated blend of sand, fibre and rubber. The gallop climbs some 150 feet from its start in the Grantham Canal valley bottom and is excellent for both building stamina and for speed work.

Canter Track 500 Metres

Is a 500 metre oval circuit which is ideal for interval training and working on both reins. The surface is a blend of sand and rubber and rides a little deeper than Higgins, causing the horses to work harder whilst maintaining their outline at a slower pace.

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Equine Rehabilitation Facilities


The Inrfared and UV Solarium can be hired for £15 per 30 minute session and fits in well with a post gallop wash down. Or as a standalone treatment to ease muscle tension in the back and neck.

Hydrotherapy Spa

The cold water spa is great for easing soft tissue inuries and reducing inflammation. Can also assist in healing small flesh wounds. £25 per 30 minute session or can be part of a Rehab Livery Package.

Infra Red Solarium

Hydrotherapy Spa

w3w Entrance to Higgins

Canter Track

Book Online

We now have an online booking facility for both all weather gallops . (Click on link)

Hire Charges

Are £15 per horse per gallop session. We also offer discount packages for multiple use of £60 per month per horse for 5 sessions or £75 per month for unlimited use.

Solarium:  £15 per 30 minute session

Hydrotherapy Spa:  £25 per 30 minute session